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As a young single mother of 3 my life became engulfed with the needs of my children. As they got older and became adults I finally realized that my needs matter too. For so long I felt as if my voice wasn't heard or because of my situation that I wasn't afforded the same opportunities as others or that I'd missed out on what my potential was until God showed me how wrong I was. ChixCh@ was birthed because I wanted to give people a platform where they could be heard and where they knew their opinion mattered. 

Here you will be able to not only voice your opinion, but learn the latest beauty and fashion secrets, connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs, learn how to ball on a budget and most importantly share your most inner thoughts and secrets. 

You don't have to have a million degrees or what the world says that you have to have to be successful, all you need is a dream and drive.......


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